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TPS33: Analog vs. Digital Capturing Showdown

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The Productivity Show

Zachary & Mike reunite to discuss the basics of capturing, why it’s important, and the pros & cons of both analog and digital tools (including a hybrid product they’re both pretty excited about) to help you get things “on the paper and off the mind.”

Cheat Sheet:

  • Why capturing your all of you woulds, coulds and should is so important for mental clarity.
  • Mike’s and Zack’s favorite capturing app.
  • The unlikely focusing benefits of paper.


Mike and Zack’s Top Digital and Analogue Capture Tools


Resources / Reference File

  • Evernote, Dropbox, Drive, iCloud


  • OmniFocus, Trello, Things, Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist

Obligations (Calendar)

  • BusyCal, Sunrise, Fantastical (big awesome update)


Resources / Reference File



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Posted by Turk  | August 19, 2015 at 8:55PM | Reply

As far as the capturing process goes, being faster or quicker is not necessarily a good thing.

I type way faster than I write so when I capture an idea or a task I need to do, when I type it away, I find myself just typing it quickly and moving on. However, when you write something down, you are more engaged because you are writing it slower and paying more attention. If you write faster, you know it may not be as legible or may look nice later to you. When you are typing, you can type as fast as you can and you cannot mess it.

Thus, sometimes capturing slowly may lead to other ideas or more engagement with the idea you are capturing instead of just typing it and moving onto the next thing you were going to do.

Posted by Randy Marble  | May 20, 2015 at 3:15PM | Reply

Been working my way through your podcasts…they are very helpful! One thing I wanted to get your opinion on Toodledo. I have been using it for a while after looking at numerous options, but I noticed that it hasn’t shown up in any of your recommendations…just curious what you think. Thanks…

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