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Find out how to score free airline tickets, travel for pennies, go through security without hassle, and a secret trick to score yourself free hotel room upgrades.


Barclay’s Arrival Plus
Amex Premiere Rewards Gold
Chip & Pin
American Express Platinum
American Express Starwood Preferred Guest
Star Alliance
Sky team
Aegean Airlines
Milage Run
TSA Precheck (bad)
Global Entry (good)

Thanh’s Asian Efficient TSA Security Sequence:
1. Shoes
2. Laptop
3. Bag

Clear Card


Charles Ngo’s website

$20 Trick – “do you have any complimentary upgrades available?”

To get Thanh’s travel hacking presentation, let us know where we need to send it to:

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  1. Bit disappointed with this one – perhaps because it was US centric. I learned some of the hacks from watching “up in the air”. Would be useful to know things like which airlines / routes have WiFi or allow you to keep your device on during take off and landing. Which airlines have USB charging as standard (e.g. Air Canada do)?

    Another tip I’ve found (Heathrow Terminal 5) is if you have access, don’t take the priority lane security unless it is nearly empty. Most of the people going through there act as if they have never flow before.

    1. Yeah travel hacking is a very broad topic. We could do 10 episodes on this and still not cover everything. Hopefully we’ll get to these topics at some point.

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