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Contexts can be confusing. Listen to this episode on how to effectively use them for your task manager. We also give away a list of our recommended contexts.


Getting Things Done by David Allen
Mac Power Users, Episode 219: Getting Things Done with David Allen
eProductivity – David Allen’s software of choice
The Productivityist on Contexts
OmniFocus Premium Posts
How to Use Location-Based Contexts in OmniFocus

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  1. In the topic of applications, I’m in an interesting situation. Everyone on my team specializes in a single, distinct role with distinct applications the use to do their job. Each one of us is like a project manager for their application, and we have to use Microsoft Windows applications, Apple computers are not permitted.

    I would love to use omnifocus to manage all the the various training, testing, debugging, troubleshooting, inter-department coordination, deployments, backlog tracking, and other tasks that I have,but I cannot. Is there an equivalent to omnifocus for Windows? I’ve tried using ms project but it isn’t very user friendly, and I think it’s designed for a lot of people doing a lot of things, not a single person doing a lot of things.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. Hey Zach!
    Great podcast! You mentioned that David Allen is releasing an update of GTD and addressing problems like Contexts and stuff for this generation. Where did you see this? Is there a release date? I can’t find even a hint of information that he’s releasing a new book online.
    Again, great job!

  3. Thanks for the podcast. Though contexts are not making much sense for me yet. Most of what you’ve named (except energy and time) sounds like projects to me. I would rather make a project “home 1” or “home 2” instead of using contexts.
    Anyway I would love if you can explore this theme one more time in your future podcasts.

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