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There are lots of supplements that promise higher productivity and more focus. We’ve tested a lot of them and discuss the supplements we found that worked for us.


Green Tea (we also like this matcha powder)
Black Tea
Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil
Bulletproof Coffee
Ultra Omega 3 (here’s another one we like)
Casein Protein – NOTE: In the podcast we mention that casein protein is extracted from eggs, it’s actually extracted from milk.
Scivation Extend BCAA
Ciltep by Natural Stacks
Amazing Grass Green Superfood
Labdoor.com – Supplement Ranking Site

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Where should we send you the presentation?

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Asian Efficiency Team

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  1. Ciltep had no effect on me , except for making my wallet lighter. I took it for a week and that was the only effect. So, weight loss?

  2. HI
    the dayly intake of EPA and DHA are way higher than the dose recommended on my supplement lable and on health institution websites.
    May I know how did you get to that number?
    Keep up the good work, I love your episodes!

  3. Just a question,
    Taking fish oils and coconut oils seemed to be the most natural supplements recommended. After reading some articles, it seems there are several overlapping benefits between the two. What should someone be looking out for to be taking either? Or would you recommend taking both at the same time.

  4. Hey Zach,

    short question: when you talk about Creatine, you mention nothing about taking it only for 3 months, making a break and then do it again.
    I heard from many people that if you continually take it for a long period it might harm your body.

    Can you please let me know your thoughts to this?

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