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Kacy Paide joins Zachary to share her paper organization tips for an inspired office, including the critical question you must ask yourself about every piece of paper you keep and the 3 places she recommends all papers end up.


Kacy’s website: https://www.theinspiredoffice.com/
Kacy’s YouTube: https://youtube.com/kpaide
Kacy’s article: https://www.theinspiredoffice.com/100-ways-to-organize-your-office/

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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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  1. Hi Thanh, I am getting the same issue as Alix – I can open the files but they are full of glitch sounds and play very juddery. Using Windows Media Player. Other podcasts I subscribe to are fine. Excellent website by the way.

  2. Great podcast Zach! Minor correction… it is the “elfa” (not “alpha”) rolling filing cart. It is a great high quality product!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi guys ! Since a few weeks now, I download the podcasts and get corrupted files… Is it the case for everyone ?
    I can open the files, but they are full of glitch sounds.

  4. Hello. Just a small comment. Kacy’s website is misspelt in the link, leading to an incorrect site.
    Many thanks.

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