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EP34-ScottyLovelessScotty Loveless of appinstructor.com joins Zachary to talk about becoming your own IT person by changing how you think and talk about your tech problems, the role of empathy in IT, and reveals the secret to maximizing your time at the Genius Bar.

Cheat Sheet

  • Learn the science behind stress and how it kills your ability to learn a new skills.
  • Discover what you how to book an appointment in a way where Genius Bar employees will fight to be the one that helps you.
  • The #1 trick to becoming a better technical problem solver.


The 3 A’s of being an empathic teacher.
– Acknowledge
– Align
– Assure

Books, tool, frog

Book: The Freelancer’s Guide to Productivity by Aaron Mahnke

Tool: Mailbox – Mac | iOS and Lynda for learning software

Frog: Learning how to program in Swift

Scotty’s Contact Info

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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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