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Erik is a productivity author, podcaster, speaker and coach. Erik talks to Zack about his workflows and tools that allow him to work effectively from home.EP42-ErikFisher


Cheat Sheet

  • How to transition form office work to working from home with a remote team.
  • What’s needed to successfully set up boundaries with your time, space, energy, organization.
  • How to learn lessons from your productivity missteps via the “having a beer with yourself” method.
  • How to politely and efficiently say no to requests for your time and attention with a partially-automated-system.


Book, tool, frog

Book: New version of Getting Things Done and Procrastinate on Purpose

Tool: Focus At Will

Frog: to throughly organize contacts in Busy Contacts 

Connect with Erik

Blog: beyondthetodolist.com

Twitter: twitter.com/ErikJFisher

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  1. Hi,

    to feedback points you can think of.

    – I like the part of Book/Tool/Frog. Except the Frog. In most cases in your podcasts, the guest explains his/her frog they are eating next. For example: “have to write a long blog post”. This is of no interest for the listeners. From a Book and a Tool I can have a benefit, knowing what the person has to do next has no value for me. How about asking about a Person? How about asking about a Habit?

    – I know that you guys have to earn money. It is of course OK to promote your stuff, but since you started to have an intro and outro a couple of episodes ago and saying in florid style what this podcast is about I really get angry. I want to listen to your content and not what you think what might be. Podcast listener like me are constantly listening to the podcaster. We know what the podcast is about. There are barely onetime listeners who need to be convinced via the intro/outro. The main part is what make me decide whether I continue to listen to a podcast or quit right away.
    But all your constant listeners get board with this repeated, valueless piece of information at the beginning and the end.

    Cheers, Karsten

    1. That is a good point about the frog. I’ll bring up your idea of switching the frog to habit or something more valuable to the listener at the podcast council meeting that is coming up this week.

      And feel free to skip over the intros and outros. They are geared at newer listeners. As an avid podcast listener, I press the 30 second skip over most of the intros and outros of my favorite shows.

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