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Geoff Woods is an expert at forming relationships and finding mentors. We’ll be talking about how you can find your ideal mentor and form relationships with people who can accelerate your success.

EP43-Geoff Woods


Cheat Sheet

  • How to hack your phone’s contact notes to keep track of your network.
  • How leading with value and vulnerability can earn you access to high profile individuals.
  • Why “nothing much, what’s up with you?” is a phrase that will limit your opportunities in life.


Book, tool, frog

Book: Three Feet From Gold and CashFlow Quadrant

Tool: A calendar.

Frog: To connect with the listeners of his podcast.

Connect with Geoff

Email: Geoff@geoffwoods.com

Website: menteepodcast.com/productivity

Twitter: twitter.com/geoffwoods

Facebook: facebook.com/geoffreywoods

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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