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EP48-AmberGottAmber Gott has been working at LastPass (a password tool we use at Asian Efficiency) for the last five years. In this episode you will learn a couple tips for securely and efficiently managing your passwords and how you can get the most out of LastPass.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why email may be your most important password to keep safe.
  • How to have your passwords at your fingertips no matter what device or browser you use.
  • Strategies for cleaning house on your old crappy passwords.


Book, tool, frog

Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo


Frog: Cannot disclose.

Connect with Amber

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Asian Efficiency Team

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  1. Good feature on LastPass – bummed that the show notes are so brief though! Can you add both your and her suggestions/feature highlights? Notably how you can share with a significant other by dropping into a certain folder and also the capability to be able to share with employees, etc.

  2. Bought Lastpass over a year ago as it seemed like the cautious and productive thing to do. But never really got it set up properly and was very frustrated with it with every interaction, to the point where I deleted it off my phone and computer and had all my passwords in an unprotected Evernote note (talk about unsafe practice, but it kinda worked).

    Got into AE and emailed a suggestion in to write something about password managers.

    AE magic: A few days later this shows up. Coincidence of course, this was recorded earlier. Just goes to show that the universe listens to your needs ;-)

    The podcast inspired me to reinstall Lastpass & change all the passwords to strong Lastpass ones. I’ve not worked out all that Lastpass can do yet, but feel I’ll make much better use of it this time and it in return will keep me much more productive. And safe.

  3. Enjoyed the podcast. I haven’t used a password manager as I am unsure how it works across platforms. I have 2 Macs, iPhone and ipad which I have administrator rights and then use a windows based latop at work where I can not install software. Will I be able to access my favorite websites using last pass on my work laptop. I am confused as to how this would work.

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Philip, if you’re able to install a browser extension (of LastPass) then yes you’ll be able to login at work no problem.

  4. I love(d) lastpass.
    huge time saver for about half a year,
    than I took some time off from sidegigs and ended-up forgetting the password.. unfortunately I was very stupid on the security question and now have dozens of accounts and passwords I don’t remember…

    been without it for couple of months, need to get myself together again to try to make it work, setting-up a new account just seems too painful :/

    1. Bummer about the wasted time and effort. However, I have a feeling you know it’s worth doing over. This time around, try using a password that says a memorable line. Let’s say you went to Michigan and you hate your football rivals at Michigan State. Your LastPass password could be Go2hellspartans!

      And you don’t have to make it a big chore. Just get the browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) integration. Sign into your sites as you normally would, when LastPass asks you if you want it to remember the site click yes.

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