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Zachary visits Evernote HQ and discusses the history of the company and the future of work and productivity with Evernote’s VP of Marketing & Co-founder Andrew Sinkov.

Cheat Sheet

  • How Andrew helped start Evernote.
  • Why Evernote is very popular in Japan.
  • Tips for using Evernote for everything.
  • What the 400-person Evernote team uses Evernote for.
  • Andrew’s vision for the future of work and productivity.
  • Why some writing software is still designed with the objective to print.
  • How Evernote is making paper better with technologies like text recognition in images.
  • The idea of micro-working.


Book, tool, frog

Book: Shady Characters by Keith Houston


Frog:  A story about how software companies need to kill the print button.

Connect with Andrew:

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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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  1. I love Evernote, but it’s absolutely terrible for anything textual. It’s word processor is absolute garbage. So listening to this podcast and hearing him critique Microsoft Word was kind of interesting for me. Not because his critique was necessary related EN’s huge oversight, but because it shows how much EN is NOT focused on note taking or anything involving text. It creates a pretty utility issue for me, but I’m stuck in EN’s ecosystem now.

    I’ll look into https://marxi.co, but again, this is an issue EN absolutely refuses to address and the idea of having to use a whole other app just to make EN functional so I can take notes during meetings and create outlines and pretty much do any of the things I actually NEED EN to do aside from locking away some PDFs makes me really frustrated.

  2. I use Evernote all the time for personal and work notes, and will soon be reaching 10,000 notes.

    One tool that I’ve found VERY useful, and something that I think the AE team would find interesting is https://marxi.co/ which allows you to create beautiful noted with ease using Markdown. Notes can be created and edited later (still in Markdown format) and appear in Evernote as html. I use it all the time now for anything that exceeds a few hundred words.

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