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Mike and Thanh talk about why rituals are much better than habits, and they break down the 5 flaws of habits. Listen in to learn how to make your rituals stick and how to break them down into manageable steps.

Cheat Sheet

  • The five flaws of habits
    1. Habits aren’t very specific
    2. They don’t get you started
    3. There’s no why behind your habits
    4. They inherently aren’t very sticky
    5. There’s usually no step-by-step system behind a habit
  • Why rituals are habits 2.0
  • When we don’t know what the first step is, we can’t get started
  • The why behind something is what helps maintain a ritual
  • Why Mike and Thanh journal and the different reasons they do it
  • Not every habit is something you do every day
  • Adding notifications to your calendar
  • The 21-day myth
  • Things you can do to make a ritual sticky
  • Anchor a ritual to a specific location
  • Why fear is the most powerful form of influence
  • You want to create your ritual with as little variation as possible


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  1. This was a great episode — Thanks! I new realized that habits had flaws in the sense that they can actually hinder productivity. Interesting perspective.

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