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Zack chats with Trey Stinnett about flow: how to find it, keep it, and use it to increase your productivity. Trey advocates for people to make space in their lives so that new things can come in, and talks about his pursuit of living in the present.

Cheat Sheet

  • Trey’s unique approach to self-improvement
  • How the subtractive process works
  • Walkthrough of the “unload the car” exercise
  • Why we lose efficiency by looking into our past and how to fix it
  • How you can train your brain to be present in the moment
  • What Trey’s mindfulness practice looks like and how you can implement it for yourself
  • The scientific basis for the law of attraction
  • The details on Zack’s gratitude journal experience
  • Trey’s tips for finding flow and how to hack it


Book, tool, ritual

Book: Anthony Robbins – Rapid Planning Method (RPM)
Tool: Muse headband
Ritual: A lifestyle ritual, called integrity. Everyone is missing this in their lives.

Connect with Trey Stinnett

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