Asian Efficiency team members Zack, Thanh, and Mike sit down to chat about one of their favorite subjects: systems. In this episode you’ll learn some simple systems to help you do more with less effort, and you’ll learn how to recognize the systemic problems in your life that can be solved with small tweaks to your personal systems.

Cheat Sheet

  • How and why to set up personal systems
  • Why relying less on your memory can boost your productivity
  • The three different types of simple systems
  • The inherent benefits of rituals over habits
  • What a personal system is and how to get rituals working for you
  • How you can automate your rituals to save time and energy
  • How having systems can free you up to do other things
  • What highly successful CEOs do to create systems in their lives
  • One trick to help you keep up a practice of journaling if you’ve been having trouble staying with it
  • An easy ritual you can implement for keeping in touch with your friends and network
  • A simple technology-based system for tracking package deliveries
  • Why thinking like a geek can help you change your mindset and make time for the things you prioritize


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  1. I absolutely loved using Quotebook, and then it was discontinued. Does AE know any other great apps that work like Quotebook (other than Evernote?)

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