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Zack and Thanh sit down to give listeners another “behind the scenes” look at what we are talking and thinking about within the Asian Efficiency team. In this conversation, Thanh discusses his Minimalist Luxury Lifestyle (MLL) idea that he has been developing and living for many years. Listen in to learn how to ditch your stuff and live a more minimalist life!

Cheat Sheet

  • Why having to leave the country forced Thanh to rethink his lifestyle
  • The story of how Asian Efficiency started
  • How and why he made the personal choice to get rid of a lot of clothes in a matter of months and what the surprise benefit was
  • How you can still have the finer things in life and stay a minimalist
  • How and why you should consider buying things using the “suitcase policy” criteria
  • The underlying philosophy behind “MLL” and what makes it worthwhile
  • The system that Thanh personally uses to avoid impulse buying
  • How to use the power of Amazon reviews (hint: it’s all about knowing where to look)
  • How to start applying the MLL process in your own life
  • Why your stuff takes up mental space, and the process for starting to get rid of it
  • What Thanh learned along the way and why he would have started living a MLL way earlier if he could do it again
  • Why you might not understand the value of simplicity until you really experience it (and why you should do it anyway)


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Last Updated: December 3, 2023

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