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Zack chats with Kendra Wright about her awesome strategy for planning her week. This strategy will change the way you think about your calendar, helping you to fit in self-care and work and feel fulfilled during your week but not over-worked.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why Kendra’s way of planning her week is awesome and how you can apply it yourself
  • One easy method to help you remember more of your life and make the weeks stop flying by
  • The new priorities in Kendra’s life
  • How to build a bad-ass life without burning out
  • Ways you can actually make more money by doing less
  • How and why you should build self-care into your calendar
  • The benefits that come from setting a weekly appointment to plan your week with yourself
  • The 3 key zones of your life that you should assess during your weekly meeting
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you map out your week
  • Why the best thing you can do for your business is to take care of yourself first
  • How to fit fun events into your schedule so you don’t miss out the things you really want to do
  • How to recover when things go wrong in your calendar


Contest Winners

  • Grand prize: ProteusFactor
  • Second prize: danielwroberson
  • Third prize: fitnowork, jcp543, Dsker42, robertjtighe, Thomastsai92

Because we only have your iTunes name, please email us at podcast@asianefficiency.com to claim your prize. Note that additional verification may be required.

Connect with Kendra Wright

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  1. Kendra’s episode are the ones that I frequently re-listen all the time. I don’t even remember how many times I’ve listened episodes 69 & 83. Thanks Kendra for the awesome message.

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