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Zack chats with speed reading expert Abby Marks Beale, who has been teaching people how to read and comprehend faster for more than 20 years. They discuss key characteristics of speed readers, specific tips that you can use to comprehend and read faster, and the latest speed reading apps.

Cheat Sheet

  • The true story about how Abby used to hate to read and how she transitioned to a speed reading coach
  • Why slowing down when you read actually does not help your concentration (even though many people think it does)
  • How Zack got into speed reading and the process he used to become more proficient
  • Why anyone can train themselves to read faster and how you can do it without sacrificing comprehension
  • The key characteristics of efficient readers and how you can develop these skills yourself
  • How you can use a simple blank white card to increase your reading speed
  • How Rhythmic Eye Movement helped Zack immensely and how you can apply this yourself
  • Tips and tricks to increase comprehension when reading


Book, tool, ritual

Book: CrazyBusy
Tool: BeeLine Reader
Ritual: Taking deep breaths. Yoga. Swimming.

Connect with Abby Marks Beale

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