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TPS92: No More Underpants w/ Steve Kamb

Steve Kamb started NerdFitness.com because he was playing too many video games all day – and has now built it into a successful blog, book, and more. He’s reached his goals of traveling the world and having new experiences by applying the practices of gamification in his own life. Learn how you can gamify your life in this intriguing interview.

Cheat Sheet

  • How Steve turned his life into a video game and the benefits he realized from the process
  • How you can stop “collecting underpants” and actually start taking action on your goals
  • Steve’s individual hero’s journey and how gamification has helped him achieve his life goals
  • An inside look at how Steve gamified his bucket list and made his “Epic Quest of Awesome”
  • Why he bought the domain nerdfitness.com before he launched his business
  • What Steve does to make sure he meets his writing goals every day and the tools he uses to do so
  • What Steve does to eliminate friction when establishing habits and rituals
  • How you can use rewards to avoid stagnation and help your rituals stick
  • How you can make your own “Epic Quest of Awesome” and achieve your goals


Book, tool, ritual

Book: The 4-Hour Workweek
Tool: PMVibes.net and Facebook News Feed Eradicator
Ritual: Making his bed every morning (video)

Connect with Steve Kamb

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