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Kendra Wright is back on the podcast to talk about why planning in 90-day periods is good for your professional and personal life. We chat about the advantages of not setting yearly goals, scheduling in time for rest and relaxation, and executing over planning.

12 Week Year Tips

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  • Why the 12-month timeline isn’t designed to move you towards action (and what you should be doing instead of setting annual goals)
  • The advantages of planning in 12-week cycles and how this can help you hit your goals more consistently
  • The key difference between setting goals and actually executing them
  • How we romanticize getting started (and what it really looks like to show and get things done)
  • Why assessing where you are at more frequently than once a year can help you stay on track
  • Why it’s so important to rest and take breaks (and how this makes you more productive in the long run)
  • Why you don’t have to earn your breaks (and how you can overcome feeling guilty about taking them)
  • How to schedule an effective 90-day sprint while integrating rest and recovery
  • How to schedule your day to integrate breaks so that you can make sure you are functioning at peak efficiency


Connect with Kendra Wright

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  1. Okayyyy…. I want more Kendra! Her podcast interviews have been my favorite — she’s so helpful and really explains her tools well. :) I’ve listened to all three more than once now — and I rarely do that with my podcasts. But hers have been the most helpful for me in terms of improving my productivity. So thanks, Kendra & Zachary!

  2. I just loved this podcast! As someone who’s used to setting yearly goals and is now in the process of narrowing the time frame, this has been extremely useful.

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