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Ramit Sethi, the New York Times bestselling author of the book I Will Teach You to Be Rich, has changed the lives of many by questioning the mainstream narrative of how you should do things. In this episode we explore why people make goals and don’t follow through on them, and how you can avoid the same fate. Ramit also answers some questions about how he built his business and what habits he has developed for his own life.

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  • Why money is an important (but small) part of your life and how to make sure it is assigned the proper role
  • The psychological reasons why we set out for certain objectives and then don’t follow through
  • Why you should focus on behavior and how to let your attitude follow
  • How to narrow the scope of success in order to change behavior
  • How to build a productivity system that works for you
  • Why taking time to think is so important (and the huge benefits it’s had on Ramit’s business)
  • How to build and keep intrinsic motivation to make your habits stick
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to change habits
  • The importance of making a system for systems
  • Why so many people experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and how you can overcome this
  • The system Ramit created for his health and eating habits and how you can apply it to your own life
  • The two things you can use to identify what is really important to people
  • How we live our lives according to an invisible script (and how to change this into a narrative for a life we actually want)
  • The life lessons Ramit picked up from starting his business


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Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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