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In this episode, we go through 8 tips (plus a bonus) on how to escape your inbox and focus on tasks that matter. We’ll discuss apps and systems that you can use to cut down on the time you spend processing your emails.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Behind-the-scenes peek at how we built the final stages of the Escape Your Email course
  • The toxic results of email-related stress on your ability to think clearly and work efficiently
  • The amazing efficiencies that are created when you can integrate email with your task manager
  • Tips for reducing the amount of email that you receive (which in turn leads to you spending less time in your inbox)
  • One trick you can use to instantly find everything you are currently subscribed to in your inbox
  • Why unsubscribing to even one email is a bigger deal than you think
  • How the carbon copy feature multiplies the true productivity cost of an email
  • The use cases that email really isn’t good for (and alternatives that can improve the communication efficiency of YOUR team)
  • 8 Tips + A Bonus on How You Can Escape Your Inbox
    1. Turn off notifications on your computer and phone
    2. Have a system you can trust
    3. Touch it once
    4. Unsubscribe
    5. Use other team communication tools instead of email
    6. Stop using folders to store your messages
    7. Automate common responses
    8. Turn off the unread badge
    9. BONUS: Use Sanebox to improve the quality of what ends up in your inbox


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