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Mike and Thanh explore the Asian Efficiency core values, how they came to them, and why they’ve changed over the years. They discuss the benefits of having core values for your personal life and your company, and how you can use core values to make decisions, hire new staff, and create a more productive work and home life.

Cheat Sheet

  • All about the “Mission to Mars” process Asian Efficiency uses for identifying our core values
  • What core values really are and how they’re different from the things that you want
  • How having personal core values will benefit every area of your life
  • Why core values can be polarizing and how that can be a good thing
  • What core values and successful relationships have in common
  • How to make better decisions by using your core values
  • The power of alignment and how it can be a force multiplier for organizational productivity
  • How core values can help battle cognitive dissonance
  • How we landed on the AE team Core Values and what they are
  • Why we have the whole team do customer service
  • Why you don’t want to frame your core values negatively
  • Why we chose to remove a core value and replace it with something else
  • What accountability really is (hint: it’s not just finding someone to blame when things go wrong)
  • How to improve your hiring decisions using core values
  • Key questions to ask yourself when discovering your own core values
  • Why it can be beneficial to publish your core values instead of keeping them internal
  • A writing exercise for finding your own core values
  • Why having core values at all is more important than having the “right” ones


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  1. Thanh – you mentioned here that your approach is to do things better (as opposed to Mike who brings innovation). You also mentioned (I think prev. episode) that productivity increases with a 2nd screen, so it’s on your list of recommendations. I have one at home I was considering the option of iPad as 2nd screen at work when I came across a strong endorsement of this app – BetterTouchTool. One of the coolest features is the way it allows for a virtually instant resize when you change screens, since the Mac screen resolution is often different to others, not just the ipad. Check out the 1 min video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_qkGjSvA2M

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