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How can you design your life and your environment so that is it inevitable that you will be productive? We are tackling this question on today’s episode, as Mike and Thanh discuss the tools, systems, and concepts you can use to make your lifestyle more productive.

Cheat Sheet

  • How Thanh came upon the concept of Lifestyle Productivity
  • The Asian Efficiency definition of personal productivity
  • How where you live impacts your productivity
  • Why the people who surround you might be sabotaging your productivity
  • Keys to creating an environment where it is inevitable that you’ll be productive
  • How to create personal systems to achieve next-level productivity
  • How to identify the 80/20 of personal productivity
  • How to evaluate the pros/cons when choosing what productivity tradeoffs you have to make in order to be successful
  • Tips for changing the technology and the tools that you use
  • 9 ways using the Amazon Echo can make you more productive
  • The big difference between podcasts and audiobooks
  • Closing open loops to increase productivity
  • How subtracting things from your life can help you become more productive
  • Keys for designing your life in a way where productivity is inevitable


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  1. All technology does is allow us to do more with our brains. It doesn’t mean sit back and put your feet up…it’s how you use it, not THAT you use it.

  2. I was like you guys relying on technology for everything, but it makes us too reliant on it and very fragile. We’ve outsourced things out of our brain which, I believe, results in cerebral atrophy–use it or lose it!

    Read the Glass Cage with an open mind. It *should* change your perspective on things and go more analog in many ways.

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