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Today we are talking about getting up early – a polarizing topic and one that we’ve discussed a lot with our community lately. Thanh and Mike share 8 strategies for getting up early, finding the motivation to get up earlier, and things you should avoid when you do get up ahead of the sun.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why you should consider becoming a morning person
  • Why the most successful CEOs all get up early
  • Why getting up early can be very beneficial and the science behind it
  • The increases in willpower you will have when you start to get up earlier
  • Why each hour is not worth the same and how to leverage “time arbitrage”
  • Practical tips for to help you transition into waking up earlier regardless of your chronotype
  • How to figure out how much sleep you actually need (it’s probably more than you think)
  • The importance of “eating your frog” and how it can set your entire day up for success
  • How to craft your own morning routine
  • How to get over the fact that it’s still dark outside and dominate your day
  • Why making a schedule and to-do list the night before will allow you to hit the ground running int he morning
  • How the motivation behind getting up earlier and knowing why you want to get up earlier will help make it sticky
  • Things you should avoid when you do start waking up early


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  1. Thanks for this episode – I’m following this podcast a few months but i never commented here.

    I agree what waking up early is a good thing, but is so hard to beginning. I had to start waking up earlier because the kids school, i guess it is so hard to start alone. (i mean without reasons to do)
    I’ll use your tips and after study the materials of the Show Notes i hope that i can waking up more earlier and become a “morning person”.

    Best regards and again thanks for this episode.

  2. Thanks for this episode – it was a good refresher of things I have started to do in the past & then got a bit lost on during the holidays. I think I need to pay more attention to my evening routine so that my morning routine run more smoothly, especially with the screen off time and going to bed early enough so I get enough sleep. This is exactly what I was thinking about late last night when I was slouched on the couch watching mindless TV, so hearing this podcast today has cemented it in that I have to make these changes.

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