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This episode is all about FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out. It’s a troubling trend with major productivity costs, and Mike and Thanh help you understand and solve it. They chat about FOMO’s symptoms and common causes, as well as 9 tips to help you overcome it once and for all.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why the Fear of Missing Out (or FOMO) is a topic that is not often discussed and why it’s so important to address
  • How FOMO manifests itself from a productivity point of view
  • The consequences of living in an attention economy and what to do about it
  • The real reasons why FOMO doesn’t allow you to focus
  • How to curate or edit your life so you can focus on the things that are important
  • How to become a producer rather than a consumer when it comes to information and technology
  • Tips to help you stop checking your phone all the time
  • Why dealing with email FOMO is a constant struggle and what you can do to to get victory over it once and for all
  • Some of the common sources of FOMO and how to eliminate them
  • How knowing your “why” (your purpose) can help you overcome FOMO
  • How creating a system you can trust safeguards you from FOMO
  • Why GTD is so popular and the benefits of applying it for yourself – even if you only implement the first part
  • Why social media channels are purposely built to get you hooked and make you feel like you need to check them all the time
  • Why you really should turn off your push notifications
  • How to use full screen mode to minimize distractions and overcome FOMO while on your computer
  • How priorities and goals can drive your actions and help you overcome FOMO once and for all
  • A simple exercise you can use to figure out how much your time is really worth


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