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Mike is joined by his wife Rachel share her perspective on the topic of core values and vision. They share the process they followed to created a vision and set of core values for themselves and their family, and they discuss how they came to their values as well as 10 handy tips for identifying and implementing them.

Cheat Sheet

  • Our five core values as a family, starting with #1: Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength [5:22]
  • Core value #2: Give selflessly by finding the need and meeting it [7:53]
  • Core value #3: Lead courageously and always stand for the truth [12:13]
  • Core value #4: Impact the culture and leave your own legacy [14:05]
  • Using Bitsbox to teach kids how to code [18:21]
  • Core value #5: Determine to be different and don’t settle for average [21:30]
  • Why even implement family core values in the first place [22:51]
  • 10 Practical tips to help you identify and implement your vision and core values [27:56]
  • #1: Play to each others’ strengths [28:14]
  • #2: Have a weekly family meeting [32:35]
  • #3: Establish rituals and routines [35:14]
  • #4: Pay attention to teachable moments [37:35]
  • #5: Capture ideas or issues that you need to discuss in a shared list or task manager [41:20]
  • #6: Practice gratitude [44:50]
  • #7: Put each other first [48:11]
  • #8: Meal planning [51:44]
  • #9: Don’t disagree in front of your children [53:41]
  • #10: Be transparent, real and genuine [55:53]


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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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