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  • How to Take Massive Action on Your Goals by Implementing the 12 Week Year Effectively (TPS138)

Many people make New Year’s resolutions and have grandiose plans for the year, but often fail to follow through and execute on them. In this episode, 12 Week Year 2.0 module creator and Dojo member Brandon Wentland shares how to overcome these common problem by implementing The 12 Week Year method effectively. He shares his experience and how he implemented the 12 Week Year method successfully at both a personal and professional level. We cover the concept of intentional imbalance, the importance of a strong vision, and the power of habits to help you overcome resistance and take massive action on your goals. If you’ve ever felt stuck or been frustrated by your own lack of action, you definitely want to check out this episode as it will help you break out of the status quo and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Cheat Sheet

  • Brandon’s personal productivity journey [1:49]
  • The problems with traditional planning and how the 12 Week Year solves them [3:00]
  • How using the 12 Week Year framework provides flexibility to help you reach your goals [6:58]
  • The importance of vision and breaking down your goals so it’s really easy to take action on them [9:16]
  • Why planning for the entire year is not effective and New Year’s resolutions don’t work [11:34]
  • How to set up your 12 week sprint so success is inevitable [17:03]
  • Tips on how to select your objectives during your 12 Week Year planning [20:10]
  • How to take massive action on your goals once you have your objectives [22:25]
  • How to craft a vision statement that inspires action and creates motivation [27:05]
  • Integrating the 12 Week Year with the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology [29:34]
  • Why writing down your goals creates motivation to follow through and achieve them [33:15]
  • How to put your time for 12 Week Year actions on your calendar [36:47]
  • The importance of creating time to recharge, focus, and do admin tasks [41:13]
  • Why accountability is important and how to use it for the 12 week year [44:03]
  • Why and how consistent execution is the key to achieving your goals [51:02]
  • What to do when you’re burnt out (and how to avoid this in the first place) [53:15]


Connect with Brandon Wentland

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  1. Excellent nutshell brief on The 12 Week Year. Real estate is all about “Location, location, location.” Success is all about execution, execution, execution. Power is informed action.

    Thanks for the insights!

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