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Ever felt stuck in your job? In this episode, dojo member Gary Smith joins the podcast to share how to develop career capital and maintain personal growth, even when your work culture doesn’t make it easy. Mike and Gary talk about how to balance your personal goals with your corporate responsibilities, why the idea of work-life balance is antiquated, how to advance your career no matter where you find yourself, and how to stick to your vision to achieve the future you’ve always dreamed of. Gary shares tips from his experience working with both individuals and organizations and gives some great pointers for entrepreneurs and business owners to effectively communicate their vision to their teams. If you work in a corporate environment or have your own business (regardless of size), you don’t want to miss this episode!

Cheat Sheet

  • Gary Smith’s experience developing positive corporate culture and helping people achieve their dreams [1:33]
  • How you can develop your career capital no matter what your current job is [3:09]
  • How the economy is driving the depravation of “work-life balance” [3:50]
  • Why you should focus on connecting to your purpose instead of chasing work-life balance [7:57]
  • Tips for how to leave work at work in this digital age and maintain presence no matter what you are doing [11:25]
  • Why understanding expectations at work is critical to your personal and professional development [13:49]
  • What to do when work bleeds into personal time [18:03]
  • Why investing in your career while you are young is a good idea and how this can pay HUGE dividends down the road [19:52]
  • How to use your vision as a compass to make sure you are heading in the right direction [23:52]
  • How to avoid burnout and stay connected to your purpose [25:50]
  • How your life and career focus will change as you move through different stages of life [28:57]
  • The mistaken view of passion most people possess (and what the term really means) [32:44]
  • Why personal development is so important in achieving the future you want [35:25]
  • What entrepreneurs can do to make sure their employees are growing personally and professionally [38:14]
  • How to communicate your vision to your employees or team effectively [45:51]
  • Why soft skills are so important in today’s business world [47:19]


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  1. Great advice in this episode! The point about investing in your career early was a huge factor in my life. Totally agree it’s not just about time. I call it “experience density” meaning in the first 5 – 10 years of your career you need to collect up as much diverse and valuable experience in your field as you can.

    I’ve had a 20 year career in IT. Consider the difference between spending a few years manning the “help desk” vs. getting into consulting as early as possible. On the consulting path you will have MUCH more valuable and diverse experience than on the help desk. In cases like that, it’s far more important long term to shift into the right path than almost anything else.

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