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Certified Evernote expert Charles Byrd joins us on the podcast to discuss the ins and outs of working smarter with Evernote. Charles has years of experience teaching people how to use Evernote more efficiently and has tons of tips for creating systems, pulling up information quickly, and doing more with Evernote apps. In this episode, Charles shows us how to use tags effectively, how to use Evernote with teams, shares some powerful keyboard shortcuts that makes working Evernote even easier, and even convinces Thanh to (potentially) move away from his beloved folder structure. Whether you’re an Evernote power user or just beginning to use this software, you’ll find a lot of valuable tips and actionable information in this episode.

Cheat Sheet

  • How Evernote expert Charles Byrd got started using the software and how it allows him to find anything he’s looking for quickly [1:49]
  • How Charles met the CEO of Evernote and how he came to be a Certified Expert in Evernote [4:51]
  • Why the Evernote team is so concerned about your privacy and how it’s different from Google [7:40]
  • How to create local notebooks that don’t sync with the cloud [12:28]
  • Common mistakes that people who are new to Evernote make over and over again [13:57]
  • What to do when you have lots of places to store information (like task managers, note apps, etc) [18:23]
  • Charles’s default approach to Evernote [20:55]
  • Using Evernote to create a workflow between multiple apps and systems [23:28]
  • How to use the local link and the public link features in Evernote [25:34]
  • How to process new projects using Evernote, Todoist, and other apps [27:34]
  • How to use Evernote with a team [30:27]
  • How to use tags in Evernote to find things instantly [35:56]
  • What tags to use in order to make searching for notes easier [45:38]
  • Using Evernote with virtual assistants [50:22]
  • Recommended apps that you can use in conjunction with Evernote [52:50]
  • The most effective ways to use the Web Clipper for Evernote [58:22]


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  1. Great podcast! Is there a way to integrate Google Calendar into Evernote so that when I have a deadline within a certain note it would automatically sync to my Google Calendar? I know there are Reminders within Evernote but I’m afraid I might miss the notification reminder so want it on my calendar when it’s important.

  2. What would really improve search on Evernote is if it was smart like Gmail search. Whatever you type in the box, it knows whether it’s a label, notebook, or whatever. Gmail search I actually trust. Evernote search never gives me confidence.

  3. After years of being an Evernote devotee, I just can’t rely on it anymore. Search never gets me what I want. It’s so dumb! Why won’t it bring most relevant hits (i.e., has the term in the title) at the top. Searching by multiple tags sucks. It’s so clunky and cluttered now. So slow to write in. I just don’t get why such fanboys.

  4. Hi,

    Really interesting episode! I enjoyed it the two times I listened to it. My question is if it’s possible to do the Evernote training? The link doesn’t work any more. Which is a pity ofcourse.

  5. I had also listened to a previous evernote episode with Stacey Harmon who doesn’t rely on tags, but instead uses notebooks (if I remember correctly). I was interested in the tag strategy and trying tinkering around on my iphone only to discover (after a quick internet search) that the iOS app doesn’t support searching for multiple tags at once — this will significantly decrease my likelihood of relying on tags in the way the guest suggests. Just a heads up for listeners that use an iphone. His strategy won’t work very well.

  6. IQTell has it all – email app, integrates directly to evernote within the IQTell app, you can link stuff all over without leaving the app
    It is an all in one app and fits perfectly in the ideas you have

  7. If you are looking for a note app with all record methods, MixNote is the perfect choice. MixNote supports text, to-do-list, picture and recording voice.

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