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The average person has somewhere between 300-500 hours worth of tasks they need to complete, but how can you be sure they are the right ones? With so much that needs to get done, you can’t afford to waste your time on the wrong things. Brooks and Mike discuss how to achieve clarity from knowing that the tasks and projects in your task manager are the one you should be working on. They walk through six different horizons from the Getting Things Done productivity framework, and show how to apply this mental model to achieve confidence by confirming that the things you are working on will actually get you to your ideal future. Listen in for how to decide what each of the horizons means for you, tips for implementing this model, and how to make sure you stay on the right path.

Cheat Sheet

  • How to plan your tasks and projects effectively so that they are in line with your vision and values [1:36]
  • How to handle your day-to-day tasks [3:50]
  • Why capturing tasks is very important no matter what productivity system you use [6:37]
  • How to achieve clarity on your near-term projects [7:11]
  • How to balance all your different areas of responsibility when you wear many hats [9:38]
  • Why it’s important to say “no” to some of your projects and roles [12:05]
  • How to think about where your job is going and what to do if you want to change it [12:40]
  • How to think about and get to where you want your career and personal life in 3-5 years [14:54]
  • How to set your life goals in a way that keeps you moving towards the right things [20:05]
  • Tips for implementing the six horizons model into your own life [23:43]
  • How core values help keep you on the right path [27:47]
  • Why it is very important that you get your spouse or significant other on board with your vision [31:31]


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  1. I would have liked to have in the show notes a quick summary of your definition of each level. I will have to listen once again to the podcast to take my own notes to clarify those horizons and my list of tasks

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