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If you feel stressed out or overwhelmed, there’s a good chance it’s because you’ve said “yes” to the wrong things. In this episode, Mike and Brooks cover how to escape this by making better decisions. We show you several strategies you can use today to start making better decisions for your personal and professional life. They discuss the fundamental reasons why you might be saying “yes” to the wrong things and show you how you can say “no” without damaging your relationships. We walk you through a simple framework for making tough decisions, including ways to ward off cognitive biases that lead to bad decisions. If you have trouble saying no or are stressed out because you’ve overcommitted yourself, this episode is for you.

Cheat Sheet

  • The reasons why people say “yes” to things that they shouldn’t be doing (and how to overcome them when you really want to say “no”) [2:44]
  • How people get paralyzed by having too many options when it comes to the many things that you could be doing [5:53]
  • The formula for a positive “no” (how to say “no” without damaging your relationships) [8:10]
  • How you can be accommodating and still respect your own boundaries by saying “no” to a request in the right way [10:41]
  • Why you need to respect the other person when you say no (and why it’s really connected to YOUR character) [16:04]
  • Three times when you should actually say “yes” [17:37]
  • How most people make important decisions (and why it’s the wrong approach) [24:23]
  • The formula for making better decisions which are free from biases [29:43]
  • Why it’s important to test your assumptions when making important decisions [34:18]
  • Why it is so important to achieve distance before making important decisions [36:25]
  • How to use the 10-10-10 rule to make better purchasing decisions [38:57]
  • The benefits that come from planning the future death (and success) of a project [44:09]


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