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  • The Productivity Perils of Shiny Object Syndrome & 8 Strategies to Overcome Them (TPS158)

If you find yourself being distracted by the newest app or the latest productivity tool, you’re not alone and it may not even be completely your fault. You might be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). In this episode, Brooks and Mike dive deep into the allure of the new and shiny. We discuss why this neurological disposition towards the latest and greatest impacts so many people, explain why people who embrace a growth mindset are actually more susceptible, describe the symptoms to identify if you suffer from SOS, and share what you can do to escape it. If you do find yourself struggling with SOS, we give 8 strategies to help you overcome it and reclaim your productive time.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why shiny object syndrome effects so many people and how it applies to everyone at some level [1:39]
  • The definition of Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) and how it works [2:27]
  • The symptoms of Shiny Object Syndrome (so you can see how bad you have it) [6:55]
  • Why you shouldn’t try to keep up with every new tool [9:25]
  • Why craving the new features in software can be an indication you have SOS [14:38]
  • How and why we get so distracted by notifications [21:24]
  • Why information bias can kill your productivity if you’re not careful [23:39]
  • How to stay focused on the end result that you’re trying to achieve even when you have a lot going on around you [25:41]
  • How to “80/20” your software tools for maximum impact [28:02]
  • Why you need to figure out what works for you (and stick with it) [34:17]
  • Key questions to ask yourself before deciding to adopt a new tool [37:55]
  • How to create a time block that is dedicated to trying out new tools and improvements (and why it’s so important) [45:20]
  • The benefits of asking an expert to use other people’s knowledge [51:47]
  • Why a high price tag can actually be a benefit when thinking about using a tool for a long time [57:47]


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