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This episode is all about weird things that we do every single day to help us be more productive. Thanh and Mike share several tips that they’ve discovered along the way to solving things that drive them crazy, and the Dojo chimes in as well with several tips that our awesome Dojo members use to help them focus on the things that really matter. We share 15 of our favorite productivity tips, plus the overall philosophy to help you figure out what problems are worth solving in your own life.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why productivity is such a personal thing [2:05]
  • Why Thanh has an oversupply of Apple power cables [5:11]
  • Why Mike skips breakfast [7:59]
  • Using Black Friday as a way to de-clutter your home [11:53]
  • Other weird productivity tips from Mike and Thanh [14:12]
  • How to create a productivity circuit [19:00]
  • User contributions to this topic from our Dojo [22:33]
  • Why making your clothing decisions the night before will make you more productive [28:33]
  • Using Evernote to create reference files for everyday things you buy [30:30]
  • How to use meal preparation services to increase productivity [35:14]
  • How to train Google Now to be able to do lots of little tasks [39:44]
  • A cure for binge-watching Netflix [47:11]


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