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In this episode, Thanh and Mike talk about an essential concept for productivity enthusiasts, which is “Freedom.” They introduce you to the 3 different types of freedom and talk about which types of freedom typically coincide with different stages of life, as well as how real productivity is not just about doing more but about doing the right things that build up your freedom capital and increase your options.

If you have trouble sticking with the practice of certain productivity principles like journaling or a morning routine, this episode will help you understand the value of doing the right things repeatedly and how that will lead you to your ideal future.

Cheat Sheet

  • What the productivity “F word” is and why it’s talked about so much in the productivity space [1:34]
  • Mike’s issue with people who “wouldn’t do anything differently” if they could go back in time [6:43]
  • The three different types of freedom [8:44]
  • What freedom commodities you typically have available to you at different stages of life [13:48]
  • Why compound interest applies to learning and why you should spend as much time learning as you can when you’re young [16:43]
  • Thinking about what you would do differently if you were 20 years old [18:18]
  • Why you need to be careful what you say “yes” to [23:01]
  • Easy things you can spend money on to create more free time [29:01]
  • A great thinking exercise you can use to see what you would do if you had an extra $5k per month [31:40]
  • How to come up with your own list of resources and assets you’re building [39:10]
  • What goals you need to set when you’re a seasoned veteran [41:45]
  • Why you can invest in things now that will help you succeed in later points in life [47:45]
  • What’s important about recognizing that we all have limited resources [52:42]


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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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