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Ever wonder why some people are so successful and others seem to really struggle? More than likely, it has little to do with their talent or ability and more to do with their growth mindset. In this episode, Thanh and Mike talk about the importance of developing a growth mindset and how it can translate into personal and professional success. They explain what a growth mindset looks like and how it’s different from a fixed mindset, how you can spot a growth mindset in several different areas, and share some tips about how you can change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset yourself. If you find it difficult to take action on things that you know are important but you struggle to find motivation, or you find yourself giving in to procrastination more often than you’d like, then this episode is for you.

Cheat Sheet

  • How today’s topic came from an #AskTPS question on Twitter [1:10]
  • The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset [3:23]
  • The surprising benefits that come from having a growth mindset [9:50]
  • What the fixed mindset does to you personally [15:12]
  • How to tell if you might have a fixed mindset in certain areas of your life [21:15]
  • How you can have  a growth mindset in some areas of your life while having a fixed mindset in other areas [27:59]
  • 3 quick tips to identify if a business partner, friend, or romantic partner has a growth mindset [29:30]
  • The impact of truly mastering a skill, and why it’s about how you put in the time and not just the amount of time [36:01]
  • Examples of using a growth mindset for your relationships [44:33]
  • Using a growth mindset for finances [51:15]
  • The top areas where Thanh and Mike have a growth mindset [55:14]
  • Where Thanh and Mike find themselves struggling with a fixed mindset [57:48]
  • 5 tips to change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset [1:01:38]
  • Why you should collect “reference experiences” in order to make yourself believe that your goals are possible [1:07:24]
  • Dojo member Jon talks about why he joined and how he’s changed since joining [1:12:42]


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