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It’s time for another edition of the Asian Efficiency Holiday Gift Guide! If you have no idea what to get for the productivity nerd in your life (or just want a few ideas for yourself), this episode is packed with the top tools and toys that the Asian Efficiency team considers essential productivity gear. If you have trouble shopping for that special someone who always seems to have everything, this episode will give you a bunch of great ideas to help make you a holiday hero.

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Cheat Sheet

  • #askTPS: “My brother is a big productivity nerd and I don’t know what to get him for Christmas. Any gift ideas? – @matthewcschmitz” [1:17]
  • Thanh’s first pick for the Holiday Gift Guide [2:26]
  • How Brooks fixed the horrible wifi in his home [5:11]
  • Why Mike bought a Sonos One to replace the Echo in his kitchen [7:57]
  • How Thanh relieves stress and sleeps better with this gift (he’s had it for many years) [10:56]
  • The suitcase that both Brooks and Mike use [14:13]
  • Why Mike uses this specific notebook to jot things down while he’s working [18:12]
  • What book Thanh gifts the most, and why it was also his 2014 book of the year [20:44]
  • All the things you can do with Phillips Hue light bulbs [26:34]
  • Thanh’s favorite board game and why you should gift it [31:52]
  • The pants that bring Brooks happiness [36:15]
  • Thanh’s justification for picking the same gift 2 years in a row [41:43]
  • Why Brooks uses this rugged bag that attaches to the top of his car [46:37]
  • The travel coffee maker that Mike (the coffee snob) recommends [48:46]

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Other ideas/mentions

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