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Simple systems are all around us, and being able to influence these systems is important in order to attain both personal and professional success. There’s a saying that you are where you are today because of the choices that you made yesterday. But if you don’t like the results that you’re getting, we have good news for you – YOU have the ability to create the positive change you want. All you need to do is tweak the system.

In this episode, Brooks and Mike talk about how everything in life is the result of simple systems mechanics, share how these simple systems are vital to working effectively (and not just efficiently), and why they are the real key to achieving your goals. All you need to do to change your future is make the right adjustments to your systems, and in this episode we’ll help you identify the systems that need attention in your own life by sharing 6 characteristics of a good system, show you how to develop a systems mindset and achieve the results you’re looking for, and give you some quick tips you use to start making those 1% improvements that will take you to your ideal future.

Cheat Sheet

  • What is a system anyway? [2:15]
  • The 3 key parts of any system [4:40]
  • Six characteristics of a good system [9:18]
  • Why a system should always give you predictable results, and how to change it if it doesn’t [18:15]
  • Thinking like a geek: how to always be on the lookout for improvements to your systems [23:21]
  • How to create habits and rituals to manipulate your systems for greater success [28:00]
  • 1% improvements that leverage the compound effect to get you to your ideal future [34:42]
  • Why “eating your frog” is so important to your success [36:39]
  • Why you need to get better sleep [44:45]
  • How movement is an important habit, and why meditation and gratitude can transform your habits [53:22]
  • Saying “no” even when there is free space on your calendar [59:36]
  • Additional resources to help you develop a systems mindset [1:05:46]


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