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In this episode, we answer the questions about masterminds that you were too afraid to ask. Mike is joined by Nate Lowrie, a Dojo member and owner of FineLine Automation, who recently attended the Asian Efficiency mastermind that we held in Austin, TX. Nate joins Mike to talk about his experience as well as to dive deep into the concept of masterminds and the clarity they can provide. They discuss what a mastermind is and who it’s for, share several of the benefits a mastermind group can give you, and share the key ingredients of a successful mastermind group if you want to start your own.

If you’ve ever been curious about the idea of a mastermind but didn’t know how to proceed, or if you love the idea of a mastermind but have been hesitant to start one of your own because you didn’t know how, this episode is for you.

Cheat Sheet

  • Nate’s background and why he got into making CNC machinery [1:48]
  • What is mastermind? [3:09]
  • The benefits of joining a mastermind group [8:11]
  • How masterminds help refine your focus or vision for your future [12:55]
  • How you can find much needed accountability by joining a mastermind group [17:07]
  • The 3 key ingredients you need to make your mastermind successful [24:30]
  • Why you need to be vulnerable to get the most from a mastermind [28:00]
  • How many people is ideal for a mastermind group [33:10]
  • Different mastermind formats that you can use to help you achieve your goals [36:46]
  • How to figure out what question you want to be answered in a mastermind (this is important!) [46:10]
  • Guidelines for hosting your own live mastermind [47:23]
  • Nate’s experience being a part of the AE mastermind [54:19]
  • Advice for people looking to attend a mastermind [1:06:09]


 Connect with Nate Lowrie

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