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Wondering what task manager you should use? Today we’re joined by Francesco D’Alessio, a writer, blogger, and freelance marketer who Mike discovered because of his awesome YouTube channel, Keep Productive. Francesco does a lot of video reviews for different apps and tools and he recently put together the Task Management video course which was just launched inside the Dojo to help you pick the right task management app for YOU.

In this episode, Francesco and Mike talk about some of the important things to consider when it comes to task management and dive deep into several task management tools that he covered in the video course. We talk about the different types of task management applications, the best use cases for each, show you how you can implement the Asian Efficiency task management workflow no matter what app you decide to use, and cover some of the advantages and disadvantages of several common task managers so that you can pick the right tool for the way YOU work.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why you should use a task manager in the first place [2:03]
  • Defining what we mean by a “task” [6:00]
  • The difference between a due date and a defer date (and why you generally want to use defer dates) [10:07]
  • The difference between a project and a task [12:47]
  • How using contexts can help you sort your tasks more effectively [14:44]
  • The advantages of simple list apps [23:24]
  • A task management workflow for any task manager you are using [26:05]
  • What snowballing is and why it’s dangerous for task managers [32:37]
  • Some of our favorite task management application options [36:10]
  • How Todoist fits the bill for people needing a truck cross-platform task manager [39:39]
  • How the flexibility of 2Do can help you get your work done more efficiently [46:07]
  • The power of Things and why it’s the most beautiful to-do list application you can get [48:44]
  • Why Asana is a great task manager for working with other people [52:39]
  • Some task manager honorable mentions to get you started [57:25]


Connect with Francesco D’Alessio

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