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  • Intentional Attention: How Small Decisions Can Bring You to Your Ideal Future (TPS184)

Do you find yourself being pulled in too many directions? In this episode, Thanh and Mike talk about how your attention determines your future and why a simple mindset shift to regain control of your attention can provide stability and direction for all areas of your life. We talk about how being careless about how you spend your attention results in a condition called “attention slavery” and share some strategies to help you escape it. If you feel overwhelmed by everything or like you just can’t keep up, this episode is for you.

Cheat Sheet

  • Tactical tips for directing your attention that can provide immediate focus [1:52]
  • Why scheduling focused time for being offline can be beneficial to your productivity [5:30]
  • How to get focused work done in an open office plan [8:12]
  • Advice for short bursts of focus [16:39]
  • How to focus your attention on the tasks that really matter [21:06]
  • What “flow” is and how to get into it on a consistent basis [30:17]
  • Why former social media executives are recognizing the adverse effects of social media platforms [36:11]
  • How to use social media intentionally [41:06]
  • How to start regaining your attention [46:17]
  • The many advantages from tracking your time [52:41]
  • How to develop mindfulness [54:18]
  • Ways to decide what is not important to focus your time on [59:46]
  • Personal stories from Mike and Thanh on how they became focused on their tasks [1:04:55]
  • Why it’s important to associate yourself with the right people [1:07:57]


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