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In this episode, Brooks and Mike revisit our favorite productivity apps for the Mac with our 2018 Mac Productivity Draft. A lot has changed since last year, including many of our favorite apps switching to a subscription model (and a new service that allows you to get a bunch of them at a discount). We share some of our favorite workflows and the key apps we use every day here at Asian Efficiency. If you’re looking to upgrade your Mac, this episode will give you plenty of good suggestions for boosting your Mac productivity.

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Asian Efficiency Team

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  1. Endlessly amused by the first person here who came here to tell us “people hate subscription services”. Tell that to the people who pay for cable, for Netflix, for Hulu, for Adobe apps or Microsoft 365, or Amazon Prime.

    “People” huh?

    On that person’s OWN WEBSITE he lists “essential Mac apps” and he includes apps/services that are or offer subscriptions, like BackBlaze, Day One, Spotify, Anylist, Evernote, and Todoist.

    Like I said, hilarious.

  2. Hi,

    I enjoyed that episode and since you talked about nvALT, I wanted to bring [The Archive](https://zettelkasten.de/the-archive/) to your attention. You can look at it as an updated version of nvALT since it’s built on the same core. It uses plain text files, supports Markdown and is backed by a solid community already.

    Best regards.

  3. Hi IKOMRAD, first of all thanks for listening! I appreciate your point, and I too used to identify as someone who hated subscription services. When Ulysses announced they were switching to a subscription, I was ready to go back to Byword. But I can’t talk highly enough about SetApp, and for transparency they are not a sponsor. I’ve reached out to them about a discount for the Dojo, but they told me they don’t do that.

    The landscape of (sustainable) software development is changing. The App Store’s success has changed things. I personally miss the days of Mac bundles. But regardless of the changing software landscape, I do believe this episode reflects the best software (regardless of pricing model) that is available for the Mac.

  4. i started listening to this episode with enthusiasm, but it started off a non-staple Mac subscription service followed by another subscription service,. Then you talked about Eero which quickly led to another subscription service.

    By that point my interest was gone.

    let me tell you a secret – people hate subscription services. they prefer to pay once and use the product as much as they want without additional costs. they like to upgrade when the balance of cost / reward merits the expense.

    You give a lot of great advice on the show, but it’s buried in recommendations for subscription services. I hate to unsubscribe but I think that I’ve hit my person threshold for sponsored content.

    best wished, and thank for the great advice for the last decade or so. I hope thay you go back to your roots on day because it was great!

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