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Have you ever considered hiring an assistant to help you? Today we are talking to an expert on finding and hiring assistants, Tim Francis. Tim has hired more than one hundred assistants so he knows a thing or two about the topic. In this episode, you’ll learn how to know when you’re ready for your first assistant, which traits an assistant absolutely must have, how much you should pay your assistant, and the exact step-by-step process to follow when hiring your first assistant.

Cheat Sheet

  • 3 Quick Tips for delegating [1:55]
  • What prevents people from getting an executive assistant [7:07]
  • Common mistakes people make when they get their first assistant [9:25]
  • The moment that changed Tim’s life forever [14:29]
  • When is the right time to hire your first assistant [22:32]
  • Culture differences of hiring assistant abroad [36:15]
  • Things to look for in an executive assistant [41:58]
  • How KOLBE scores can help find the right assistant for you [46:13]
  • Why income level is not very helpful when deciding whether or not it is time for an assistant [50:44]
  • How having an assistant can also free up time for your personal life, not just your business [58:43]
  • The things you should look to delegate first [1:04:08]
  • Tips for handing off your email inbox to an assistant [1:15:03]
  • How to master delegation [1:25:28]
  • How to delegate everything from small tasks to large events [1:42:33]
  • Creating decision-making guidelines so that your executive assistant can make decisions without you [1:48:52]
  • How to use an assistant to drive automation for all parts of your business [1:57:14]
  • The technology used to delegate to assistants [2:11:11]


Connect with Tim Francis

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