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Marmel Becerial, Asian Efficiency’s very own scrum master, joins Mike to dive deep on how we use scrum here at Asian Efficiency. This episode explains how we use the scrum framework in order to consistently and systematically create podcast episodes, video courses for the Dojo, and everything else related to Asian Efficiency’s day-to-day operation. We talk about some of the things that Marmel has learned from her experience as scrummaster for Asian Efficiency, and share 3 of the specific challenges we’ve had to overcome in the 4+ years we’ve been using the Scrum framework, plus the 5 reasons we love Scrum here at AE.

If you’re looking for an explanation of scrum you’ll want to check out our interview with Lucas Smith in episode 189, but if you want to see how we implement it here at AE then this episode is for you.

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Editor’s Note: In this episode, Mike misspoke when he listed the 3 questions we use for every sprint. The 3 questions are:

  1. What should we start doing?
  2. What should we stop doing?
  3. What should we keep doing?

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Cheat Sheet

  • Welcome to The Productivity Show, Marmel Reposar! [2:30]
  • What it’s like being a Scrum master [9:22]
  • How AE has adapted the Scrum framework to fit the way our small remote team works [11:08]
  • Implementing Scrum for solopreneurs [14:27]
  • How to execute a retrospective [21:14]
  • Recommended ways to determine the number of story points an issue will require [24:17]
  • How our daily huddle (stand-up meeting) works [30:34]
  • Our experience doing a gratitude roundtable at all of our Scrum meetings [36:38]
  • Challenges we have with Scrum, and how we keep our team happy [38:09]
  • Why we love Scrum for the AE team [47:52]
  • How Scrum helps us continuously improve [54:23]
  • Advice for starting to use Scrum with your team [57:56]


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Last Updated: September 28, 2021

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