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  • 2 Travel Hackers Reveal Everything They Know About Traveling Stress-Free (TPS193)

Thanh & Ben share their best travel hacking tips to make your next trip stress-free. Ben is a good friend of Thanh’s who runs a very successful Artificial Intelligence company that has Fortune 100 clients and works with big corporations hire him from all over the world. Ben is based in Germany but he’s rarely home because he spends more time traveling all over the world. Thanh travels a lot as well, and always finds it very challenging to be productive and run a business at the same time.

They discuss how to pack light, which airlines are the best, which apps, tools and travel gadgets they recommend, and how to stay productive while you’re traveling across time zones.

We want to preface this episode by saying that Ben never does interviews or make appearances in the media. He likes to stay anonymous and stay behind the scenes, so you won’t find links to his website or ways to contact him in the show notes.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why Ben spends almost half of his life traveling all over the world [2:12]
  • How his whole process works for booking a flight, and why he always flies on Saturdays [9:10]
  • How he prepares for his trip two weeks in advance [17:28]
  • How to beat price fluctuations in rental cars, hotels, tickets, and more [24:06]
  • Ben’s hotel strategy for being more productive on the road [32:12]
  • How to create an airline strategy and get loyalty points [43:21]
  • His favorite airline he has ever flown [52:40]
  • Ben & Thanh’s favorite airports in the world [1:00:51]
  • Some of the best travel gear [1:08:30]


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