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How do you know which task manager is right for you? Task managers are great because they allow you to filter your available tasks and only display the ones that are appropriate right now, but the problem is there are so many to choose from. And moving everything over from system to system to see if it’s a good fit is incredibly time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone who had tried them all and could guide you so that you could be sure the task management app you were about to spend your hard-earned money on has the right features for the way you work BEFORE you buy it and spend hours setting everything up?

Well, that’s just what Dojo member Mat Rhein is here to help with. Mat put together an incredible task manager comparison chart to help you sort the many options and find the one that has the exactly what you’re looking for. In this episode, we’ll be diving deep and doing an in-depth feature comparison of task management options, talking about where the OmniFocus 3 beta fits, and introducing you to the AE task management hierarchy to help you pick the right task management system based on the features you need.

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Editor’s Note: There is a little bit of noise in Mat’s audio, but the information in this episode is so good that we decided to release it anyway.

Cheat Sheet

  • All about the incredible task manager comparison chart that Mat created [2:38]
  • Why Mat now uses Things 3 as his task manager [7:35]
  • The 5 different levels of task management complexity [11:40]
  • Why projects should not be classified as tasks [18:33]
  • An overview of the task manager comparison chart [24:09]
  • A comparison of the cloud sync options provided by different task managers [28:17]
  • How planning complexity is organized [35:37]
  • Why start dates are so important [39:48]
  • Why you don’t want to display all of your tasks on your calendar [45:59]
  • Mat’s experience with using the app Sorted 3 [53:39]
  • What apps Mat and Mike use on a daily basis for task management [58:53]
  • Who should use Things 3 [1:04:29]
  • Mike reviews some of the new OmniFocus features [1:11:45]
  • How to remain productive no matter what task manager you are using [1:17:50]
  • How to find an app that fits your unique productivity style [1:25:47]


Task Managers Mentioned

Connect with Mat Rhein

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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