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  • The Simple 6-Step Process to Start Your Productive Day the Night Before w/ Dave Caolo (TPS196)

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because the day has just gotten away from you? If so, we’ve got good news for you: there are things you can do to set yourself up for a successful and productive day. Today Mike is joined by writer, author, and podcaster Dave Caolo. Dave was the managing editor at The Unofficial Apple Weblog for eight years where he covered major Apple releases, produced podcasts and video, and oversaw the site’s day-to-day editorial operations. He’s a regular contributor to Unclutterer, a website dedicated to home and office organization, and he’s created a few video courses for the Dojo, our online productivity community.

Dave’s latest video course is all about setting your day up for success, so in this episode, we dive deep on specific things you can do the night before to make sure tomorrow is productive, how to get your day started right with a solid morning routine, and what you can do to overcome a midday slump.

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Cheat Sheet

  • 3 keys to setting up your day for success [2:15]
  • Why getting enough sleep is so important [3:12]
  • Why the simple act of saying hello and goodbye to coworkers can make a big difference in your productivity [8:04]
  • How to identify your MITs (Most Important Tasks) [12:43]
  • Tips for prepping your gear the night before [16:35]
  • Making sure your calendar is ready to go for the next day so you can hit the ground running [20:10]
  • How to have a productive morning [25:08]
  • What to include in a morning routine [29:00]
  • How both of them tried “Morning pages” and didn’t end up incorporating it into their routine [35:25]
  • How to “chunk” your time [41:15]
  • How to overcome a mid-day slump [44:35]
  • All about the “52/17” method [51:31]
  • What Dave uses to track his time [53:23]
  • When to turn off your email client [57:17]
  • Where to start in order to implement something you’ve learned tonight [1:02:45]


Connect with Dave Caolo

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  1. Great show, just to narrow down the cheat sheet a little. What exactly were the specific six steps?

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