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Do you ever feel like things are harder than they should be? Then today’s episode about conative productivity is for you. Mike is joined by David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp, who has lived and breathed the Kolbe Concept® since its inception. 

Today David joins us to talk about how making small adjustments based on conative insights can improve your productivity in all areas of your life. We dive deep on the Kolbe A assessment (which we’re BIG fans of here at AE), identify the cost that ignoring your conative M.O. has on your productivity, how you can use your M.O. to achieve greater productivity in your team or organization, and even how conative knowledge can improve your relationships.

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Editor’s Note: We apologize that the audio quality for David isn’t great. We did our best to clean it up. Fortunately, the information is still awesome.

Cheat Sheet

  • What Kolbe is and how the company started [3:00]
  • Detailed explanation of the four action modes that are part of the Kolbe A Assessment [9:18]
  • What the initiating and counteracting spectrum is all about [15:07]
  • What the “followthrough” scale really means [24:27]
  • An illustrative story about two family members with different ways of communicating [30:22]
  • The conative strain that occurs when you work with people who have different strengths [39:39]
  • Tips for overcoming the different types of conative stress [43:50]
  • How to be an effective communicator and play to other people’s strengths [50:01]
  • Using Kolbe scores in personal relationships [55:21]
  • Conative families [1:03:07]
  • Why using “ergs” of energy intentionally for work and other ones for hobbies helps you be more productive [1:09:34]


Connect with David Kolbe

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