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People seem to self-identify into 2 categories: those that thrive working from home, and those that say they could never do it. But working from home is like any other productivity challenge – if you set yourself up for success, become aware of some best practices, and apply some creativity and flexibility, anyone can do it and do it productively. In this episode, we talk about some of our favorite home office gear, talk about the 4 challenges present with trying to work from home, and share 7 keys to setting up your home office environment for maximum productivity.

Cheat Sheet

  • How your workspace impacts how productive you are [2:19]
  • Some of our favorite home office gear [10:19]
  • Why you might want to use two monitors [17:18]
  • Why Mike uses a “clicky” keyboard to motivate him to write [26:24]
  • The challenges that come with working from home and how to overcome them [29:31]
  • How to set ground rules when you decide to work from home [37:14]
  • How to define your storage system so you have a place for everything [47:09]
  • How the right ergonomics will make you more productive [55:18]
  • Why it’s important to take the time to have social interaction if you’re working from home [1:00:43]
  • Tips for dealing with paper in your home office [1:05:10]
  • Additional resources for getting started or going to the next level with your home office [1:11:52]


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