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  • 2 Ways to Instantly Create the Motivation You Need to Accomplish Any Goal (TPS203)

Ever wonder why so many New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick? It’s because most people rely solely on willpower to achieve their goals. Don’t be like so many who start things but can’t finish them. Tune in to understand why willpower alone isn’t going to allow you to achieve your goals, the 2 different approaches you can use to maintain motivation, and 5 practical tips for increasing your motivation. In this episode, we also walk through 2 different scenarios and show how managing motivation can help achieve any goal.

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Cheat Sheet

  • What makes some people give up on their goals and what allows other people to stick with things [2:29]
  • What willpower really is and why you can’t count on it to obtain a goal [3:33]
  • How motivation can help you overcome inertia and reach your goals [11:30]
  • Why Brooks decided to do intermittent fasting and how he used motivation to keep it up [16:47]
  • How Mike used motivation to get through ups and downs to finish his first half-marathon [24:52]
  • What to do when your routine or habit falls off and you need to get back on track [33:09]
  • How deliberate practice gives you complete control over your outcome [41:10]
  • 5 Practical tips for increasing your motivation [44:42]
    1. Write down your why [44:50]
    2. Create a ritual [49:12]
    3. Don’t break the chain [56:10]
    4. Get accountable [59:31]
    5. Get a coach, whether formal or informal [1:03:41]


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