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Do you like the idea of the 12 Week Year, but have trouble achieving your 12 Week Year goals? So did Mike, until he started implementing the concept of a personal retreat (or thinking day) that we’re about to share with you in this episode. Brooks and Mike talk about how to make the most of your personal thinking time, Mike shares the process he uses to achieve my goals for the last few quarters, they give you the questions you should ask when identifying your own 12 Week Year goals, plus a bunch of other tips to make achieving your personal and professional goals inevitable.

Cheat Sheet

  • How Mike started using a personal retreat after failing to accomplish his 12-week year goals [1:51]
  • What a personal retreat is and why it’s related to “thinking time” [8:54]
  • Why putting a personal retreat on your calendar is the key to finding the time to getting it done [16:30]
  • The 7-step process you can follow to hold your own personal retreat [18:59]
  • How to review the previous quarter and finding lessons from the progress you’ve made [23:31]
  • Identifying all of your roles and responsibilities and putting some on the “chopping block” [27:16]
  • Why saying no saves “future you” from letting people down [33:15]
  • The 3 Questions you should ask about your roles and commitments [36:48]
  • Why you should pick at most 3 12-Week Year goals [44:27]
  • Re-evaluate your morning routine [50:57]
  • More tips for making sure you actually achieve your goals [55:47]


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