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We talk a lot about the concept of deep work here at Asian Efficiency, which is all about maximizing your intensity of focus so that you can produce excellent work and be more productive. But that assumes that you have time to focus on your important projects, which for many people is a luxury they don’t have (especially those in a corporate environment who have to deal with pop-ins from bosses and coworkers).

In this episode, Mike is joined by Curtis McHale, creator of the new focus time video course in the Dojo, our online productivity community, and we talk about how you can create the time to focus on your important projects. We talk about the tools you can use to facilitate focus when it’s time to sit down and do deep work, how you can set up your workspace to facilitate focused work more easily, and how to deal with the expectations of others and carve out focus time for yourself – even if you work in a corporate environment where you don’t have complete control of your time.

Cheat Sheet

  • A brief intro to Curtis McHale [1:53]
  • The difference between focus time and deep work [3:00]
  • How to get a focus block and how much time to spend on it [9:03]
  • Why passion and purpose are important when trying to get focus time [12:09]
  • Tools you can use to get more focus time [14:01]
  • How to build a workspace for creating focus time [23:08]
  • How to carve out focus time in a corporate environment [29:15]
  • When is focus time bad? [35:03]


Connect with Curtis McHale

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Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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  1. I just have a quick question about the calendars. What if your company makes you use outlook but your family uses google? I have 3 different calendars and they are not connected. I have actually gone back to written calendars because of this. Is there a work around for this scenario? Thanks

    1. Yes there is! On your computer you can use a calendar app that connects with your Outlook/Exchange and Google calendars. That way it’s all in one place. I’d recommend BusyCal. We have a training video coming out next month in the Dojo that covers this and more.

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